Thursday 7 May 2015

LOOKING 4 SAME by Steven Pottle

What U R looking 4?
What do U like?
Got chems?
Can U host 2nite?

Where R U?

R U local M8?
Not in2 cuddles
Gotta act STR8

Don’t fuck wid fatties

Asians or fems
If they don’t look gym fit
Then I don’t reply to them

Are you young?

Are you hung?
Ass fun?
Eat cum?

Got more pics?

Got XXX vids?
Which gym do U use?
How much do U lift?

Got WhatsApp?

Cam 4 profile name?
R U muscled?
Only looking 4 same

Do U swallow?

I only spit
I’ll bring me fuck buddy
He eats shit

I may charge

Details of card?
I’m worth the money
R U hard?

I can leave in 20

Just slammed some T
Gotta pump up B4 leavin
I’ll bring pills with me

U buy red wine

Do U do piss?
B ready when I arrive
I don’t kiss



Sorry mate, I’m only looking for sane
Someone that doesn’t write like Prince
Skinny gin friendly bodies
Hairy or wobbly, I like that extra inch

I don’t do drugs

Only dark chocolate, maybe white wine
Not into a quick in and out
I want sparky and relaxed, I take my time

Probably sounds boring to a whore

But for me I HAVE to kiss
How do you get to where you need to be
If this doesn’t involve the electricity of lips

Ignoring is boring 

Have you never been rejected and cried?
If someone is not my type
Then at least I will try to type them a warm reply

Sorry, I don’t have membership to any gym

Does that make me lazy, less of a man or lacking in health?
My arms are mine, they are not cloned
Why sleep with someone that is a mirror image of yourself?

As for charging for your valuable time

Well, I will never pay for my sexual pleasures
Which is such a shame for you
As I’d be totally worth every fucking second! 

And I don’t own an iPhone

(A shocked face icon is your only reply)
I’m fine if I leave the house without my mobile
I don’t panic and feel like I may die

I’m also a man with certain urges 

But my intimacy isn’t what you’re seeking
Have you heard of chatting? Of flirting?
You have no idea, so why exactly are we speaking?

Now you’ve just stopped all contact

Good that you know you are looking for in terms of fun
But this turns me off more than anything
Why can’t you see beyond the bodies that only wear Aussiebums?

No worries, I know that I’ll be absolutely fine

Finding my own beautifully natural encounters in this city
Living with organic magic, wrapped within hours of passion 
Now you’ve disappeared and have just decided to block me...
Oh well.

© Steven Pottle 2013

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