Wednesday 13 May 2015

I LOVE YOU, MAN by Richard Perkins

Ok, so I only met you, like, 15 minutes ago... Or was that 15 hours ago? Oh fuck. I really can't remember.  But it doesn't matter.  I fucking love you man.

Wait....Your dick looks different.  Your face is blue.  Your chest hair reads like Arabic script., that is one hot fucking cock... I don't remember it being pierced.  Why is your chest smooth again... And you've gotten skinnier.  I thought you were taller?  But it doesn't matter. I fucking love you man.

Aw fuckin hell, both of your cocks feel so good stretching my hole. Are you both in?  Oh, that's your fist? You look like my dad. He was in the military.  No, I'm not really into Miley Cyrus, but Tori Amos is cool. You want me to bite down at the base? Yeah, I'll have another slam. A point-4' because the last one didn't work. Is it G o clock yet?  Thank you stud. Shit, this isn't my Baggie.  Is this M? What the fuck is this?  Oh, whatever, who cares. It doesn't matter.  I fucking love you man.

Hey, I only have a little left, but this other guy just messaged me.  We can take the night bus to Elephant and Castle.  Fuck you, you used the most of it dude.  Yeah, that's ok, he's into bears. Total top.  Check out his dick.  Yeah, he's got 60 of M, but I need to hit a cash point.  Should we get some V?  Oh, fuck it, let's get an Uber.  It doesn't matter.  I fucking love you man.

Dude...wake up... You're Gd out.  Fuck... I can't watch this fucking animal porn any more.

Hi.  Bottom here with two mates.

No, I'm not feeling him. His dick's too small.  This guy says he isn't into blacks.  Hey stud, you got any Chems?  Yeah I can contribute.  Oh it  doesn't matter...M, T, whatever.  I fucking love it all man.

No, he isn't replying to my messages anymore.  Well, at least I'm making an effort trying to find some more! All you're doing is wanking your soft dick while talking about the goddamn Economy!  Fuck this shit, I'm going to bed.  Nah, I'm sorry. I'm ok. I'm just feeling cranky. But it doesn't matter.  I fucking love you man.

Fuck, what time is it? How long have I been asleep?   I need to be to work in an hour. Thanks for waking me up asshole!  Sorry.  Thanks for letting me crash here. I really like your place.  You're actually really cute.  Oh fuck, my eyes are still blown out.  I'm so goddamn depressed. Aw yeah blow your load in me!  Fuck, I'm late!  No, I definitely want to see you again.  Can I have some B complex and a few aspirin?  Oh yeah...a quarter of a Xanax and a coffee sound perfect. hey, I know I probably said it a million times last night, and I thought maybe it was just because I was off my tits, but I think I actually do like you. Oh, fuck it... It doesn't matter.   I fucking love you.

And I still fucking love you.  It doesn't matter.  That life is behind us now.  We made it through babe. And I'm not saying this because it's Valentine's Day.  I'm not saying this out of co-dependence.  I am not stuck in a downward spiral of comedown neediness. I LOVE you. Unequivocally. Without condition. Deeply. Passionately. Truthfully. And sober.

2 months babe.  We've been off it two months. This matters. I will always fucking love you

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