Wednesday 19 August 2015

Chatting is Contemporary by Grindr Guy 27

 Chatting is Contemporary

Hi sexy                

Hi babe.                             U so sweet         what does a boy like you              Do in an app like this?

Question             to you                  Mister

Nice pi                 c            


Wish                     I was in                bed                       with you              now

You free now?  
More pi               c             s


You still there?

(and then we fucked. He liked it deep and badly. He wanted kisses and cuddles and chats and stories and news and dedication but no dedication and)   ;you know what

he wanted badly not to be loved
he wanted to s   t             a             y             o            n             h             i              s             own

and all those Hi-s                            and the what’s ups, the what you up for, the locations all texts texts and texts                 
b            u             t why should we make it a big deal           ;you know that

All we did was contemporary

that all we did
we did

We Did  

Grindr Guy 27