Sunday 10 May 2015

'GRIND' and 'GROUND' by John Keene



what are you
a little banter
I'm bored
being me
I don't discriminate
whatever you like
I wanna meet
the measure of a man
or the absence of it
your muscles
travel for work
if this sounds like
no agenda
crank it up
does anyone go
exploring possibilities
I appreciate those
open profiles
looking for fun
not into games
born this way
what's good
what's up
what's down
locked in
originally from New Jersey
the package
it is what it is
regular masculine
enjoying life
if it's a six pack
small town
rather buff dork
no one
I'm a real cool dude
back up though
have to just smile
I am your gate
try again
cocktail beer cigarettes blunts
you have to have a lot of backbone
in the journey of life
I want younger
yellow on the outside
no worries
show me what you got
I'm your guy
rub my belly
just seeing
brains and brawn
if you've come for a funeral
if you've come for inspiration
pick no response
I answer to
a sense of adventure
hi dammit
I only look innocent
disease free
homme fatale
screwed up
but here for friends
I want a reason
probably bored
nihil ex nihilo
don't bother me
unflinchingly honest
exploring laid back
mind talking
anything rugged
mostly likely in a sling
there I've said it
not afraid
to start connections
I long to be
faceless torsos
hiker biker
who do I have to sleep with
I'm half
seeing what's doing
it's 4:45 somewhere
no expectations
all in one body
keeping all my options
I do have a face
just got back to
yes I'm shallow
be a man
bend over
most likely
is my love
a work in progress
really looking for
some company
with quality
I can be friendly
I just don't cling to certain personalities
massage music stretching wrestling friends
to hook up
what you do with power
please have a face
for chatting
meaning nothing
crisscrossing the country
you hit me up
along for the ride
looking to get hot and steamy
on dates these days
I like bears or the idea of bears
who read
discreet guys
love to laugh and laugh to love
now or in the future
despite what the GPS says
simply complex
fly guy
is my dog
I like tops
yes he knows
ask if you must
lover of libraries
gets the most press
be smart and mature
big man
not into fats or femmes
can someone buy me a drink
I have only a heart to offer
next door
searching for similar
over 30
till Monday
I can't breathe
like you're my next ex
agent no free pass
messages do not always get through
at my house
to live the life you want
where do you fit in
like it's golden
what's within
twinks or pretty boys
need not apply
cuddle buds and carnage
welcome here
bars suck
life unfolding
available for whatever
you're too early
you're too late
I don't answer to sup
masculine hairy
I'm muscular enough
penchant for sleaze
random words
chemist by day
a cute sidekick too boot
give me a buzz nevertheless
a thing for black guys
to delete
I kinda sing opera
kinda seeing someone
scrappy lil' fucker
got a thing for white guys
cool latino
open to new
seeking the same
no drugs
not into hookups
I'm a bottom
I'll stumble onto something
closer to my age
the person my money thinks I am
flying through
men not boys
usually shy but bold
in a glass
to keep a job
travel outdoors
in crime
a sense of humor
expect the impossible
one brain
feet or ankles
the place I want to be
go ahead and shoot me
step up to the plate
husky beefy
in your city
good for snogging
your drug
what will they think of next

Copyright © John Keene, 2015.


Insane and fairly psycho.
Travel for snow and blow.
Looking for shady creeps.
Damaged and drugged please.

Got a thing for wounds, psychic and otherwise.
Apologetic trick.
Plus I answer to 'pus.'
Overgrown toddler, looking for enemies.

Searching for fun yesterday.
High fiving a million devils.
Looking for other atrophied-to-blimp guys.
Unflinchingly pessimistic.

A work long-finished.
A terrible fuck.
Awful guy, brooding & angst ridden.
Keeping few to no options open.

Looking to flee whoever's out there.
Lover of laxatives and lounge lizards.
Longing for cruel people to hang out with.
Mean!!! Timid!!! Spiteful!!! Cold!!!

Come stare in my mirror.
I hate the outdoors.
Every selfie a nadie.
Can someone cry me a river?

Living life like it's rotten.
Just starving within.
Don't come near me.
Genuine monster to fear here.

Dying to be someone else.
I consider other humans a disease.
Every second of my life is Halloween.
Sorry, I would rather talk to my screen.

No face, let's chat.
Let's go puke in a sink, 'kay?
Grenades please reply.
Punch my belly.

Reg scam guy.
Top seeking abyss.
Simply simplistic.
More pics? Don't ask.

Talk to the finger.
Am busy, so kill me.
Hanging up.
Please have an EKG.

Copyright © John Keene, 2015.

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