Tuesday 26 May 2015

“I WENT SEARCHING FOR LOVE but forgot his name” by jesse davis karshner

then proceed
your pants, my mouth, becomes undone
in full daylight, in full violence

what is the real intention of a hookup? 
none of us know. he could turn right back around
or reach inside for more
he could be lying, he could be a whore
he could be dying, he could be adored

now without full likeness
my eyes overflow become unfolded
maybe this is something else

my weak spots hardened with blood
choke on love, my cock into your throat
swallowed up in a single gulp. 
spit it out and pout all soaked

i have so many dreams
and i’m hidden within them
i’m all spread out 
gently. i take responsibility in stride.
watch me if you are afraid
hold me all night if you stay

hands begin to melt
close to your neck, my fingers tremble
living nakedly but hardly
a monster in your eyes
i will kiss your fingers in mine

solemn i sink within these dream waves
weary of perishing forever
inches from my lips
the horizon fell asleep
in your arms

its softness. bees and boys will steal its echoes
pollenating sadness in my mouth. the death of tonight.
stained by shadows, songs of wings and back then
don’t you dare look at your phone again.

no one has the courage to move anymore further
my perfumed love will soon go away.

Farewell throbbing cock
Farewell to perfection

Log back on
See my reflection

the sun,the day
the night devours the passing of another lover
who’s name is far away

its all just angles and bodies
with egos like acid for blood
i chose to not use grindr anymore
its sadness is not love
muscles and mistakes
clinics and heartaches
goodbye my boy this is all i can take.

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