Sunday 10 May 2015

IN 1978 by Timothy Taylor

In 1978 you asked, ‘So, what are you into?
Big boys asked the question and knew how to answer.
Not me, but I showed you.

Darn it, Philippe, Raphael, Alain…!
You were the men and you are still.
And by turns, we’d come a little closer.

Where you led, I followed, sensing, finding,
At times, baffled, at others forlorn
At least knowing there’d be more.

Bacchanalian nights and days asleep,
Post-the-thing and feeling it,
Desire poised. Sensation alive!

Every portal, glorified, every steam-venting stall darkened.
You moan, they take it, I jerk, it comes.
And we gave thanks.

But, now! Boy, now? To hook-up now!
Was it ever so easy, ever so sorted?
Listed for action and totalled for love.

Daddy suit-booted, dude-fit, hot-baby daddy-papa!
Just got to press that button,
Your wish is our command.

‘So, what are you into?’
I’d show you only the knob won’t work.
It flashes red but the green lights out.

Have a smile instead.
Still here, never far away!
Be simpler, bro', kinder and simpler.

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