Thursday 13 October 2016

A POEM by Zia Álmos Yeshua X

just be yrself hot yeah clean just hawt REAL real hot yeah just MASC hot hung sane sorted yeah prefer would only with REAL m8 femmes fats no no no asians no blacks caucausian BIG HUNG yh real masculine not for mr. right now non-scene queens screaming yeah? yeah REAL MEN don't like like girls else I'd be with a yeah worked out healthy yeah negnegneg GYM FIT REAL LAD MUSCLE fun MUSCLE MUSCLE MUSCLE HUNG MUSCLE MUSCLE interesting genuine MUSCLE older tend to go for MUSCLE I'm not racist it's just a type from? just a type from? fun grrr from? type tatts like ink big hairy coupled chest no twinks BEARDED yeah yeah beards tatts but we all know he's slept with half of london str8-ginger yeah-acting yeah 100% be I real man just like my men to MEN real men just a type it's no fats no femmes its no fats no femmes no asians all these camp queens I'm just a normal not like all those just a normal like a normal just like a normal like a guy like a man I'm just like a guy but I'm gay and just I imagine you lying on top of so I can't breathe you crush all thinking from me and i think "this is ok, please end please stop" and I think of how much hope I had when I first saw two men kiss on a dancefloor it broke my heart I damn near cried from the fucking hope of not feeling like the world had to be so fucking hateful and dull that dullness no longer had to be a fetish but we keep asking where are our fathers went out for smokes or stayed in for disappointment, and when can we fuck them, suck the milk of their approval worship the light thru the windows, stained and kill our brother I think I'm bored of being tedious but how tedious is that so mostly I say nothing or a lot of nothing looking for HUNG tall muscle cub sweaty chem sesh yeah t/b top am hard-fucking rough top dom bottom will leave the door open RAW kiss me one more time before you leave HUNG?

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