Saturday 11 July 2015

JUST LOOKING... by Bren Gosling

by Bren Gosling  

Tap a tap tap the magic lamp
Type the password
Climb the ramp
Make the genie appear.
Going for a swim
in the aquarium,
aqualunged behind a glass pane,
I kiss the light.
A plume of tiny hairs rising to the navel,
The bicep circled by heavy tattoo
You remind me of...
Gone off -line, here we go
Another Waterloo.
Pierced nipple marooned
on the foreshore of a shaven chest
By an unseen tidal surge, wounded
starfish can’t hook up now,
No face pic kills my urge.
Private pictures open all too quick
An advent calendar impatient for Christmas,
extra  large.
Arse splayed ready, no femms
chemical friendly.
don’t do bears.
Your face drunken
Leery, posed with anonymous
In a Wetherspoons so dreary
Reminds me of a cousin’s wedding
where I ate too much cake in
Wolverhampton last year...
TV’s welcome,
No- bloody- fear.
House trained romantic smoker
a plus, only black men please
don’t make  no fuss.
It’s my preference.
Threesomes, foursomes
groups galore suck
me dry
then some more,
Don’t block me I’m
no whore just
a horny guy compelled to score.
ClickWash and Go
Looks unimportant, nor  expecting
a match made in heaven, hey
don’t bother me if
you are over 27.
Remove Tracks, Click
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Somewhere out there
So are you
Just looking.

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